Sensual Boudoir Photography

You don’t have to be fully nude to enjoy a sensual and exciting boudoir photography experience with Harrison Lord Boudoir Photographers.

In fact, well chosen lingerie can actually enhance the images and give more interest and variety to the photo shoot.
The amount of lingerie you bring is really down to the amount of time you have opted for in the studio – have a look at our boudoir photography packages for more details – however in most cases it is best to bring more than less, as we are professional photographers and can advise you on what we think will look best.
When choosing the underwear to bring go for as much variety as possible, that way you will have lots of different images to choose from. Perhaps you want to ease into your photo shoot with a bit more coverage, therefore an open shirt with stockings and suspenders could be a good starting point.
Corsets are great for creating smooth curves, and remember to bring a variety of colours with you when choosing your underwear – don’t forget  to bring pairs of matching heels too! When you arrive for your Boudoir photography shoot it is best to wear loose clothing and underwear to avoid strap marks.