What to expect at your Boudoir Photography Photo Shoot



With over 20 years experience as Qualified Professional Photographers in West Yorkshire you can be assured a fantastic portrait session!

When you book we will send you information about what how to prepare for your shoot and what to bring.

On the day, we begin by have a little relaxing chat in our cosy, private studio. We really love to hear about who you are and about what images you had in mind. Don’t worry if you’ve not many ideas, we’ll show you examples of the different styles we offer and soon we will have a list of the images you like best.

Next we have a look at the outfits you’ve brought with you and select which will work best for your shoot…always an exciting moment for us!

You then get ready in our dressing room and touch up your hair and makeup.

By the time your shoot starts we will have created a shooting plan specifically for you. Now is the time to start enjoying yourself! We carefully direct each look, helping you with every detail of the pose!

Harrison Lord Professional Portrait Boudoir Photographers have years of experience in boudoir photography and know how to make you look great whether you are opting for semi nude or nude, and whatever your shape and size.

Our Boudoir photo shoots can last for anything from 45 minutes for a quick confidence boost to two and a half hours, and take place in our modern and conveniently located West Yorkshire Boudoir Photography Studio.

Our expertise in boudoir photography ensures you will look great.

AIRBRUSHING your Boudoir Photographs

We are great at retouching boudoir photos!

With our careful posing, lighting and attention to detail you’ll look great in the photos. However, everybody has some part of their body they’re not happy with! Our expert airbrushing allows us to remove blemishes, smooth skin, hide wrinkles, add toning and glow, and enhance your natural features. Each image purchased will include airbrushing, making you look absolutely incredible – and you won’t stop looking at yourself!

Boudoir Photography Photo Selection

After your unique boudoir photography experience, we will invite you back to the Studio, at a time that suits you, to our modern and comfortable viewing area to see your beautiful digitally enhanced and professionally airbrushed images on a large projection screen. We will spend time as much time as needed with you going through your images, and will explain our wide range of framed enlargements, canvases and album options to you.